Women's Support Center
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Riyadat Centre


“Women Development Centre – Riyadat” is one of the initiatives provided by the Supreme Council for women to create a proper work opportunity for women that desire to establish their own project and seek to turn their project into a small or medium business. The Centre is a comprehensive economic host that provides all administrative, training and consultations to female entrepreneurs. It is a joint project between the Supreme Council for Women, Bahrain Center to Develop Emerging Enterprise and Bahrain Development Bank which aim to develop women’s economic projects and provide new job opportunities through reinforcing establishing projects in the business management field.


The Centre's Strategic Goals:

  • Attract women to private entrepreneurship and empower them economically.

  • Provide developmental projects to women in the society to enable them to continue progress.

  • Encourage women to bear their responsibilities in the society to support the economic and social development process.




Permanent Projects