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The Coordinative Committee with Legislative Authority

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In realization of the importance of the legislative authority to apply the aspects of the National Model to Merge Women's Needs in Development, the National Committee to follow up the implementation of the National Model to Integration Women's Needs to form a coordinative committee between the Supreme Council for Women and the legislative authority which includes members of the Representatives and Shura Councils. This is to activate the legislative and monitoring role to use parliamentarian tools to support national efforts in this regard.

The Committee's Goals:

  • Provide the required legislative framework to achieve necessary integration of women's needs through available parliamentarian tools and mechanisms.

  • Activate the role of the legislative authority through discussing legislation and laws related to women's affairs and support efforts to activate merging women's needs in budgets.

  • Invest the monitoring role of parliamentarians to contribute in problem solving and overcoming obstacles that face women through asking questions and offering proposals to the government in regards to integration women's needs in development.


The National Committee to Follow Up the National Model