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Plan Concepts and Terminology



A goal to be achieved in order to make positive leap in the society in a sustainable way, through exert combined and sustainable efforts aim to change performance, attitudes and values of individuals, institutions and society (or all of the them).


Result following 3 years of combined efforts that achieved positive and sustainable returns based on approved national plan.


The ability to continue achieving future aspirations and consolidate the self-independence to provide the sustainable effect.


A tool used to evaluate progress in achieving aims and asses output.



A tool used to measure outputs through evaluating total results.


A tool to measure implementation of plans related to each output which leads to measure achievements for each output.

Indicator to measure the fundamental line

A tool to measure outputs of each targeted indicator.


Aspired Indicators

A tool to measure achievements of each targeted indicator.


Detailed Indicators

Qualitative or quantitative data (figures, values, characteristics, descriptions, facts, information) used for a case study of a community or a sample.



The ability to reach the sustainable impact of performance through accumulated expertise and knowledge (either through information of the Supreme Council for Women or through partners).



The ability to benefit from all sources of knowledge and national expertise, in addition to identifying ways to manage and include them in each output according to a system based on collecting, managing and publishing knowledge.


Knowledge Management

The ability to achieve comprehensive success while affecting the society's efficiency and effectiveness through all concerned figures in order to achieve best results, outputs with best cost and time.




Providing all basic needs to ensure decent living standards for woman and families.

Securing needs

A Bahraini woman with an advanced perspective toward life, and renewable skills and abilities that contributes to forming a stable family and national economy and invests in available options.


Women Competitiveness

The fundamental perspectives according to previous, current and future phases of the national plan reflecting the values of Bahraini women and results of enhancing their role in the society.

Supportive concepts and values

Ages/ Educational levels / Economic levels




Woman/ Man/ Youth/ People with disabilities/ Elderly.


Solidarity, cooperation and cohesion among all members of extended families to ensure protection and security of all components.


Family Cohesion

Enhancing social cohesion and solidarity that maintain diversity, others’ acceptance and national fabric unity continually.


Social Co-existence


Available social, economic, political, legal, environmental, health, technical and educational alternatives for women according to all levels and categories.



Available Options

Knowledge partnership and transfer of implicit and written knowledge assets (Exchange of expertise and practices with internal and external parties to achieve certain goals.)


Knowledge Exchange


The ability to gain, develop and implement knowledge, skills and information in order to create change and take decisions within a knowledge-based economy.





A group of intellectual, psychological, social and health skills as well as interpersonal skills that organizes the individual’s attitude in dealing with others on social, national and international levels.


Life Skills


Educational and professional future fields that meet the labor market needs according to economic and social indicators

Such as: Entrepreneurship / Nursing/ logistics/ health coach/ nutrition coach.


Potential Jobs

Predominantly female professions such as (clerical jobs/ administrative and supervisory professions)


Conventional Jobs

Highly demanded suitable professions for women by labor market which Bahraini women have not yet occupied, such as: Goldsmithery / Hospitality / Artwork / Public Relations and Event Management / Maintenance Services.




Investing in accumulated knowledge for policy making.


Counseling and Guidance

Full authorization of partnership to perform primary responsibilities of the Supreme Council for Women to achieve the National Plan.



Public sector/ Private sector/ Civil society institutions/ community sectors.


Production Sectors


Women recipient of their rights in all fields: social, economic and cultural ones in order to maintain the feeling of self- respect, self-sufficiency, security and stability in their surroundings which are represented in: economic, social and cultural rights in addition to food security, adequate housing, education, health, social security, participation in cultural life, and being provided with water and sanitation services, and in work.

Decent and Secure Life


Proper nutrition, regular exercise, refrain from smoking, periodic self-tests


Healthy lifestyles




This includes the chronic diseases that will be focused on during 2014 which are: Blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and cholesterol.

chronic diseases