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In line with the directives of Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, President of the Supreme Council for Women to care and polish the skills of the youth as future leaders, a Youth Committee at the Supreme Council for Women was established on September 9th 2003 according a decision by the Council's Secretary General.

The Committee's Goals:

  1. Attract youth to take part and interact to women's issues.

  2. Train and qualify youth who support women's issues.

  3. Empower youth in the field of women's work.

  4. Prepare future leaders in the women field and provide them with the necessary skills that qualify them to be effective and positive members of the society.

The Committee's Specialties:

  1. Achieve partnership with relevant bodies.

  2. Strengthen the Committee's relation with various youth bodies of the society.

  3. Participate in awareness campaigns and projects of the Supreme Council for Women.

  4. Reinforce media presence of youth supporting women's issues in the various media means. 

The Conditions of joining the Committee:

The Committee consists of members representing the different categories of Bahraini youth from both genders according to the following conditions:

  1. To be a Bahraini citizen.

  2. To be of age between 18-30 years.

  3. To pass the personal interview.

  4. Has interest in volunteer work in women's affairs.


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