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National Cooperation/ Bahrain Women Union

Cooperation with the Bahrain Women Union:

The Supreme Council for Women and Bahrain Women Union has signed a joint memorandum of understanding that outlines achieving the principles of partnership through cooperation and coordination between the two sides in the fields of advancement of Bahraini women and empowering them through taking part in the development process. This is in addition to spreading awareness about the importance of women's effective participation in public life and devoting the spirit of national work in service of the values of the National Action Charter the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain so as to develop women societies as one component of the civil society institutions. The memorandum also aims to defend Bahraini women rights and spread legal awareness as well as seek to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women. The cooperation between the two sides is represented in participating in preparing and organizing workshops, seminars, training sessions and local conferences related to women affairs in order to exchange information, data, studies and research related to the issues of women.