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Database and National Statistics on Domestic Violence "Takatuf"


The establishment of the database and national statistics on domestic violence is an implementation of the Supreme Council for Women's specialties and its national plan of Bahraini women's advancement (2013-2022). The database includes a resultant for protecting women from all forms of domestic violence. The National Strategy to Protect Women from Domestic Violence was emerged from that resultant in 2015. The Council is keen to activate the electronic connection between violence-related authorities in the Kingdom of Bahrain in cooperation with partners and allies through this strategy. Moreover, this is achieved by implementing a program that aims to establish a foundation of a unified and comprehensive database of domestic violence cases of all women and girls in the Kingdom of Bahrain connected to all concerned parties and government bodies. The data and statistics are useful in preparing reports, future plans as well as local, regional and international researches. Proper prediction of the family reconciliation is achieved by unifying the numbers, resolving the duplication and analyzing the indicators.




The Kingdom of Bahrain launched the Database and National Statistics on Domestic Violence "Takatuf" simultaneously with the international campaign for eliminating violence against women in December 2017. This came as an implementation to the National Strategy to Protect Women from Domestic Violence and an activation of the cooperation between the Supreme Council for Women and the Ministry of the Interior. The database was launched in the presence of the United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women, a representative of the League of Arab States, a number of representatives of the judicial, legislative and executive authorities, as well as a number of members of diplomatic missions in the Kingdom of Bahrain, civil society institutions and media figures. 



Main aims of the Database and National Statistics on Domestic Violence "Takatuf":

·      Monitoring and electronically following up the cases of domestic violence. Also, building a unified network in order to have a unified data's record which will help in tracking the cases and monitoring the changes that may occur to the victim's status.

·      Unifying definitions and categories of types of violence under each authority.

·      Unifying studies and statistics of the cases of violence recorded in the Kingdom of Bahrain in order to improve its status in the international reports.

·      Helping female victims to benefit from the health, psychological and social services provided for her as a citizen by the government institutions.