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National Gender Balance Report



This report is an implementation of the recommendation of the national committee to follow up the implementations of the National Model for the Integration of Women's Needs in Development. This would be achieved by establishing a measuring methodology of gender balance indicators on national level to help in measuring the effect in this field. 

The establishment of this report comes as a mechanism that works on monitoring the progress made in the field of integrating women's needs and achieving gender balance in qualitative fields on national level.

The first national report measures gender balance in the Kingdom of Bahrain through specific indicators, which reflects the general perception of activating the scrutiny and surveillance in the National Model for the Integration of Women's Needs (Governance System). It aims to demonstrate the quantitative and qualitative gaps that obstructs achieving gender balance and show the possible improvement chances of closing those gaps on the national level and therefore improving the Kingdom of Bahrain's status in the related international reports. 

The report declared that the demands of the National Model for the Integration of Women's Needs in Development as a governance model of Opportunities Equity's applications were met as the report worked systematically along with a national monitor of the indicators and categorized statics of genders. The first edition included a sample of 37 public institutions and more authorities will be included consecutively on regular basis in order to apply what was recommended to the national economy sectors on a larger scale.



The main aims of the report are the following:

·To measure the effectiveness and impact of the national policies, regulations and plans of achieving the indicators of the National Plan of Bahraini Women's Advancement and therefore increase "Bahraini women's competitiveness" and demonstrate its positive impact on the national economy.

·To demonstrate the Kingdom of Bahrain's reality of the related national reports and enhancing its status as a "Centre of International Expertise" in the fields of empowering and supporting Bahraini women's participation.


The report was guided by scientific methodologies that were approved by international indicators and reports in the field and the Kingdom of Bahrain's privacy was taken into consideration after conciliation and direct coordination with all concerned ministers and official institutions.

The report measures efforts of the Kingdom of Bahrain in closing the gap between man and women based on: 

1-Specialized fields: Monitoring Bahraini women's performance compared to men's and their contribution to the national economy, decision-making positions and a number of vital fields. The fields include a number of indicators divided on 6 developmental fields: 

·      Economy

·      Decision-making

·      Education

·      Health

·      Community stability

·      Civil Society


2-Institutional performance: Measuring the institution performance regarding the implementation of specific policies and programs to close the gap between men and women based on the basis of justice in opportunities. It involves 12 main aspects that measure gender balance in the institution in the form of quantitative and qualitative indicators.

National Gender Balance Report