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National Strategy to Protect Women from Domestic Violence


The Kingdom of Bahrain launched the National Strategy to Protect Women from Domestic Violence through the Supreme Council for Women. The strategy comes as a commitment of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the 17 goals of sustainable development and specifically the second part of the fifth goal, which is: "Eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls in the public and private spheres, including human trafficking and sexual abuse and other types of exploitation". Also, the strategy is keen to secure and enhance the Bahraini women's rights and combat all forms of violence against them including domestic violence. Moreover, the strategy was established in order to meet the requirements of "Family Stability" concept in the National Plan for the Advancement of Bahraini Women (2013 – 2022) as well as directly fulfilling the first outcome which aims to enhance family and community connection.

Considering that protecting women from domestic violence requires a commitment and firm coordination with all institutions and official legislative, executive and civil authorities as well as private sector. Therefore, the strategy was prepared to be a comprehensive reference translated into a detailed work plan according to a specific timeline, measurable indicators and a budget that meets the requirements of society's sectors.

Main aspects:

  • Prevention: a primary prevention of domestic violence before it occurs and a secondary prevention by addressing the risk factors.

  • Protection and services: providing care to domestic violence's victims and offering comprehensive institutional services.

  • Legislations: following up the implementation of Law No. 17/2015 regarding the protection against domestic violence and decrees as well as administrative and executive regulations. Also, evaluating the role of this law in protecting women from domestic violence as well as reviewing the national laws to ensure their compatibility with the constitution's spirit and international conventions against gender-based violence.

  • Awareness and media support: enhancing media role and spreading awareness about prevention's principles against domestic violence, protection and services.

  • Studies and researches: conducting solid scientific studies on domestic violence and establishing a database.

  • Following up and evaluation: stating a clear mechanism to evaluate services of preventing and combating violence against women.