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Unified Framework for Counseling and Family Awareness-enhancing Services

The Supreme Council for Women established a "Unified Framework for Family Awareness-Enhancing Services" as a main reference in implementing initiatives, programs and suggested activities to develop family services by the official, civil and private combined efforts. The framework comes as an implementation of the Council's specialties to suggest ad follow up the general policy of development and advancement of women's affairs in the society's constitutional and civil institutions. Also, this framework was established in order to achieve the aspired effect on the National Plan for the Advancement of Bahraini Women (2013 – 2022) in the field of family stability. Moreover, to achieve the sustainability of family cohesion and protect the family structure by developing communication skills and compatibility. In addition to developing the offered services to all family members in order to keep the highest level of social stability.


The goals:

  • Developing the services and enhancing the supportive concept in order to increase family cohesion and stability.

  • Monitoring the exerted efforts on national level regarding the services related to family reconciliation and counseling. Also, achieving complementarity and coordination to develop these services.

Main aspects of the framework:

  • Developing the services of official, civil and private offices and centers of family reconciliation and counselling as well as building the staff's abilities.

  • Reviewing and developing related national legislations, policies and laws as well as following up the issuances of ministerial resolutions and executive regulations.

  • Developing skills and building self-abilities that help in strengthening family cohesion and solving domestic problems.

  • Enhancing community's awareness as well as implementing the special awareness-raising programs regarding principles of stability and domestic problems prevention by enhancing the role of media and all means of civil society.

  • Following up, evaluating and connecting all the related parties in the field of family reconciliation and counseling. This would facilitate following up the cases as well as evaluating the programs and methods adopted by centers and offices of family reconciliation and counseling.