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SCW chief highlights plans supporting Bahraini women

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The strategic plan aimed to integrate women’s needs in national development is on track, with 73 percent of its goals already achieved.


Supreme Council for Women (SWC) Secretary-General Hala Al Ansari said that the strategic plan aimed at further promoting women will be completed in 2022.


She unveiled the progress of work on the scheme during a media briefing which was held by the National Communication Centre (NCC) in cooperation with the Supreme Council for Women (SWC).


She said that the current phase requires a new perspective and more effective and dynamic work methods of work, a deeper understanding of the challenges, in light of the current health conditions resulting from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).


“Based on the results of the evaluation conducted for the plan for the last stage of work, new initiatives were launched to support gender balance in public life, in addition to intensifying professional development options to raise women's productivity and contribution to the national economy”, she said. 


She said that the council would focus during the current stage on presenting proposals, recommendations and providing consultations to enhance the efficiency of the system of services supporting justice and social protection.


She stressed the importance of focusing on the role of women in preventive health and raising the levels of their quality of life and the competitiveness of Bahraini women locally and internationally.

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