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SCW organises Learning for A lifetime seminar



The Supreme Council of Women (SCW) organized a discussion seminar for Bahraini women in the presence of the Council's secretary-general, Hala Al Ansari.
 Huda A. Behzad, a member of the international institute for intuitive economy, made a presentation of her research paper themed "Learning for a lifetime" in which she expounded on the concept of learning for life, and its relation with intuition and its role in socio-economic stability. she concluded her research paper with a set of recommendations. The study adopted the method of gathering preliminary data through a random sample of 200 subjects. 156 Bahrain women working in the public and private sectors responded the questionnaires.

 The study results found a strong relationship between institution on the one hand and learning for a lifetime on the other. Also, intuitiveness can be boosted in Bahraini women of varying degrees of education whether working in the private and public sectors or even non-workers.

 However, slight discrepancies were observed in terms of the a woman's capacity to learn for a lifetime connected with her age group.