Women's Support Center
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Applications Follow up services

​The concept of application at the Women Support Centre:

It is showing the damage to the Bahriani woman and her children due to a situation or a law that deny her from family, financial, psychological or health stability. The Centre receives follow up applications with relevant authorities such as following up a housing application or an application to grant citizenship to the children of a Bahraini mother.

The Complaints Department receives applications from divorced and widowed Bahraini women with children which include:

  1. Follow up applications to grant citizenship to the children of Bahraini women with a foreigner father after filing an application to the General Directorate of Nationality and Passports at the Ministry of the Interior.

  2. Follow up applications for residency and visitor visa for non-Bahraini women with Bahraini children in accordance to the terms and conditions specified by the Interior Ministry.

  3. Follow up housing applications for divorced and widowed women or women who financially support their parents.

  4. Follow up social security applications and living expense allowance for divorced, widowed and single women.

How does the Centre contribute to speeding up the application?

The Women Support Centre works through its powers and partnership with relevant authorities to exert tremendous efforts to speed up applications and reply to complaints.


Does applying to the Centre obviate to getting back to concerned authority?

Of course not. The applicant must follow the legal procedures of filling an application or a complaint to the concerned authority and the Women Support Centre at the Supreme Council for Women will follow up the procedures with the official authorities in case the citizen face any difficulties.


Financial and in-kind assistance

The Women Support Centre does not offer financial or in-kind assistance and in case of such request the Centre studies it and offers advice.

  • The necessity to update data in case of changes after accepting the application.

  • Filing a legal assistance application requires providing all necessary documents of the application or complaint in order to offer the needed service.

Conditions of attaining follow up service:

To receive the housing follow up service, the application must be female Bahraini widow, divorced of supporter of her parents and must provide the application card from the Housing Ministry.

To receive the social security follow up service at the Social Development Ministry: It is conditioned for four months to pass (The period to study and accept an application) from the date of application. The required documents for each application are:

  1. Initial Application Form.

  2. Copy of Identity Cards.

  3. Copy of passports.

  4. Copy of Birth Certificates.

  5. Copy of Marriage Certificate. (If any)

  6. Copy of Divorce Certificate. (If any)

  7. Copy of Death Certificate. (If any)

  8. Copy of Abandonment Certificate (If any).

  9. Copy of Lease Contract. (If any)

  10. Copy of sources of income.

  11. Copy of Application number submitted to the concerned parties (If any).

  12. Certificate of recent loan. (If any)

  13. Any other documents related to the application.