Women's Support Center
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Data Bases


General Goal

  • Work on documenting and collecting information and data related to Bahraini women in various aspects so as to contribute to the advancement of Bahraini women.

  • Create a database of Bahraini women in order to contribute to the implementation of the responsibilities of the Supreme Council for Women and transfer them into reality through building comprehensive, coherent and easy information system about Bahraini women that presents their activities and participation in public life.

  • Provide programs and strategies of giving women the opportunity to rely on precise knowledge about women's participation changes, through coordinating with concerned parties of providing women-related information, in addition to updating them in order to use them in preparing international reports, studies and researches on women to implement responsibilities of the Supreme Council for Women. 


  • Develop a mechanism enables the Council to determine its informatics needs.

  • Build information network with local institutions, international parties, information centers and data bases related to the Council's work.

  • Build and develop internal data bases for the Council.

  • Collect all data and studies related to Bahraini women in order to serve the research process at the Supreme Council for Women.

  • Provide information, statistics and data to regional and international organizations as well as experts and researchers to give them needed studies, researches and statistics about Bahraini women.

  • Include statistics in the data bases of different directorates including the Women Support Centre and Project management Centre.

  • Participate in preparing and reviewing some of publications of the Council's General Secretariat.