Women's Support Center
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Reviewers Charter

The Women Support Centre and the reviewer must take all necessary steps to ensure not to violate the rules of this Charter.

The Reviewers' Rights at the Women Support Centre:

1.      Receive the reviewer with respect and hospitality without discrimination.

2.      Secrecy in dealing with the reviewers and preserve their personal data and documents.

3.      Attain official proof on their application.

4.      Update the reviewers about their application.

5.      Seek to find solution to the reviewers' application and complaints effectively and efficiently.

6.      Inform the reviewers about any action taken to deal with their application.

The Reviewers' Obligations at the Women Support Centre:

1.      Showing the reviewer's card or application number when following up their case.

2.      Presenting correct and accurate information and data and provide necessary document. In case of breach of the obligations, the applicant bears responsibility that may cause her loss of judicial assistance.

3.      Respect service provider, their job and the institution and take any procedures or methods that include threats or personal abuse of the organization's employees.

4.      Committee to designated communication method to follow up with the Centre (Center phones, personal presence, e-mail, mail and the offices of women's affairs across the governorates).

5.      The importance of informing and providing the Centre with any updates regarding case or issues and in case of changing contact details.


The Women Support Centre Reviewers Charter guarantees providing the best service to its reviewers and in case of any complaint or grievances they will be referred to the legal affairs at the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Women. Reviewers can submit a complaint through the following channels:

1.      The Supreme Council for Women's Website: www.scw.bh

2.      Personal attendance at the Council's premisis.

3.      P.O.Box 38886, Riffa.