Women's Support Center
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Women's Information and Strategies

The general objective:

To supervise the national plan project of implementing the advancement of women's strategy and updating it with the participation of all concerned parties within the Council and outside it. Also, to adopt scientific methodologies, objective norms and standards to have proper updating mechanisms. Moreover, to supervise the documentation process of collecting information, data and women related studies through the national observatory and the national report of gender balance in all local and international areas of development with scientific and professional criteria which would enhance the Bahraini women's status locally and internationally.


  • Following the implementation of the national plan of Bahraini women's advancement, the strategic plans and their subsidiary strategies.
  • Establishing an operational plan to implement the strategic plans, supervising the process and having the proper solutions to facilitate the implementation of related initiatives.
  • Locating and establishing mechanisms of cooperation, interrelatedness and communication with the external concerned parties of implementing the national plan and the strategic plans.
  • Evaluating the national plan and the strategical plans (main and subsidiary) and measuring the performance indicators and the accomplished achievements .
  • Establishing and developing an indicator system to the national observatory of gender balance as well as the electronic application of gender balance indicators.
  • Preparing the national report of gender balance and its process of analyzing specialized indicators and institutional performance.
  • Monitoring and analyzing the database and national statistics of the domestic violence "Takatof". Also, preparing reports and periodic statistics about domestic violence cases recorded in the system.
  • Preparing and evaluating studies, research and work papers regarding Bahraini women's affairs in all development fields.
  • Preparing local, regional and international reports related to women's affairs.
  • The council's library that provides and documents all informative resources related to Bahraini women in particular and women in general shall be available for everyone as a main source for the researchers and whoever is interested in women's affairs.