Women's Support Center
To inquire about the services of the center you can call on free-line
Women's Support Center

Women Support Centre represents an  center that works towards addressing the issues of Bahraini women and Bahraini women married to non-Bahrainis through receiving their complaints and issues directly. The Centre also contributes to helping women to overcome the problems they face through a number of available means and mechanisms according to the specialties of the Supreme Council for Women. 

Goals and Specialties: ​​

The Women Support Centre works on contributing to resolving women's issues and facilitate providing women their humanitarian rights granted by the constitution and all international conventions and agreements which the Kingdom has joined in coordination with relevant authorities through the following:

  1. Receiving applications related to women's affairs and urgent issues and analyzing them to suggest ways to solve them,
  2. Taking part in preparing plans and strategies related to women's issues.
  3. Coordinating with all of the state's authorities to follow up and resolve applications in line with the followed policies and procedures. 
  4. Supplying the Women's Support Centre's data base with all applications and their rates in addition to their impact on women.
  5. Seeking to amend and update decisions, or legislations to meet women's needs and present suggestions and recommendations to improve their status.
  6. Contributing to spreading knowledge of women's rights and legal guarantees in addition to laws related to women'status. 
  7. Participating in providing family stability for Bahraini family through providing mandatory guidance services to both parties to the marital relationship in family issues so as to reinforce Bahrain's social cohesion.