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Alimony Fund


• What is the Alimony Fund?
The establishment of the fund, which is one of the absolute support tools to solve the problems of women in front of the judiciary's response and implementation of the recommendations of the Women's Forum and the law, which was held in Bahrain in 2001 and the recommendations of the Second Conference of the Arab Women's Summit on the establishment of maintenance funds comes.

• What is the Islamic ruling concerning maintenance?
Verdict is obligatory on him «to spend a capacity of capacity», but say the Holy Prophet (r): «and they you a living and Xothen Virtue», and the right of the wife to resort to legitimate judiciary to compel the husband to spend on legitimate and must be on both is obliged to alimony, whether the husband or the other that paid by the husband or other that paid as his wife or his children or his parents.

When was the actual launch of the Fund and is the target group?
Actual work began in the Fund and is still continuing, a major objective in solving the problems of divorced women in respect of expenditure arrears, with absolute pay alimony for the target group who are divorced or wife or parents or children, or all of them should be alimony or on behalf of a law.

• What are the characteristics of the fund?
The Fund was able to solve the problem of some Bahraini women who suffer from related delays or lack of maintenance exchange problems where the Alimony Fund Bahrain the first of its kind in the Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States because of its institutional mechanism to counter divorced problems, with absolute pay alimony and is a real translation to achieve communication between the Supreme Council for Women on the one hand and the official and private sectors on the other hand in solving the problems of the expense of a divorced woman as the formation of the Board of Directors includes representatives from the public and private bodies.

• What are the alimony paid to beneficiaries procedures?
Alimony Fund Management Council calls for the owners of applications that meet the requirements to submit their applications to the Fund on the fifth floor at the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs and fill out forms and submit the necessary documents private office, according to the following:

What documents are required?
- Certified copy of the judgment of alimony and benefit the announcement of the defendant.
- The identity of the data convict him and his place of residence and his place of work.
- Certificate of execution judge stating that the possibility of implementing the rule of alimony.
- Signature delegated form of the beneficiary of the Fund to initiate the necessary legal procedures to satisfy the award of alimony.
- Any other documents required by the Fund.