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Opportunities Equity Committee

Opportunities Equity Effect

The “Opportunities Equity” was adopted within the National Model for Integration of Women’s Needs in Development to achieve a direct effect on all aspects of merging women’s needs in development towards ensuring justice and bridging the gap between woman and man in all developmental fields.

The Opportunities Equity Effect in the National Model for Advancement of Women as the development through merging women’s needs by building supportive convictions to reinforce practices within the framework of justice, expand options and enhance capabilities in the society so as to support women’s rights..


Opportunities Equity Committee in governmental bodies

In activation of the National Committee to Follow Up the National Model for Integration of Women's Needs in the Government Action Plan, the Civil Survive Bureau issues an edict to establish a permanent Opportunities Equity Committee in governmental bodies which resulted in the Civil Survive Bureau's directives No. 4 for the year 2014.

Some of the Committee's Goals:

  • Integrate women's needs in the opportunities equity framework in all fields.
  • Achieve the principle of equity of opportunities among all employees and beneficiaries as well as the services provided by all bodies.
  • Give opinion regarding issues related to merging women's needs in line with equity of opportunities.